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Tony The Plumber, Corp. has been servicing commercial properties in the southern California area, working directly with Property Management Companies, Homeowners Associations, Restaurant Owners, and many retail business owners by assisting them with all their commercial plumbing requirements and repairs for almost two decades. 

Custom Projects

Tony The Plumber, Corp. can do complete plumbing installations from the underground phase up to the finished installation of new fixtures for any businesses such as retail shopping centers, apartment buildings, restaurants, beauty salons, commercial kitchens, and offices.

New Commercial Plumbing Installation

Tony the Plumber, Corp. can help you get started by doing a complete plumbing installation to get your business up and running.


Remodeling and installation of new equipment to bring plumbing up to the latest state code requirement. Tony the Plumber, Corp. cares about the safety of our customers and brings quality work to ensure that all our plumbing installations are up to code.

Buildings Retrofit

Tony the Plumber, Corp. cares about the environment. We offer building retrofitting to make your business more energy-efficient and compliant with State and Local building codes and guidelines.

Water Heaters

Tony the Plumber, Corp. offers a number of natural gas and electric commercial water heaters ranging from 40 to 100 gallon water heaters. Water heater repairs like thermocouple, control valve repairs, and other components are also available.

Tankless Water Heaters

Many brands of commercial tankless water heaters are offered at Tony the Plumber, Corp. such as:

  • Navien
  • Noritz
  • Takagi
  • Rinnai
  • Rheem and many more
Boiler Installation

Boiler repairs are available, but if you find yourself needing a new commercial boiler, we offer the following brands of boilers, just to name a few:

  • Raypack
  • Laars
  • Navien
Copper Repipes

We specialize in copper repipes, renovating the entire water system by removing the old galvanized pipes that are restricting your fixtures’ water pressure and spewing non potable water with corrosion in it. With the installation of new copper pipes, we redesign your entire water system by providing adequate water pressure to obtain clean water to every single plumbing feature in your place of work or residence. Knowing how chaotic it can be to get installations done, Tony The Plumber, Corp. will protect your belongings and make sure no mess is left behind after the job is done.

Sewer Drain Repair/Replacement

Tony the Plumber, Corp. offers three kinds of sewer drain replacement:

  • Conventional Sewer Drain Line Replacement: Making a trench from point A to point B to access the existing drain line and then replace the pipe with all approved materials. After the replacement is complete, Tony The Plumber, Corp. will test the new pipe and connecters. Once the approval by a city plumbing inspector is obtained, the trench gets backfilled and the dirt is compacted using compactor equipment. Conventional sewer replacement may be used when there is a presence of grass or dirt only so it can be easily restored and stay cost effective.
  • Trenchless Sewer Drain Line Replacement: When you have issues with your existing sewer line, one of the worst scenarios is to get your sewer line repaired when it runs under a concrete or asphalt surface. We use the highest technology to prevent demolishing and removing your concrete or asphalt surface when repairing your drain line. To complete this trenchless sewer method, we run a sewer camera through an existing sewer main pipe, then we trace the exact location to create an access point from point A to point B that will give us access to your existing sewer drain line. We use the highest technology to pull a new sewer drain line through the existing drain line without creating as much damage. The expected lifetime warranty of the procedure is up to 10 years. The expected lifetime warranty of approved materials from the manufacturer is up to 50 years. Trenchless sewer drain line replacement is one of the most cost-effective procedures to get your sewer drain line done.
  • Epoxy In-Liners Sewer Drain Line Restoration: Business owners can save money on the sewer laterals or any inaccessible sewer drain line replacement by using the Sewer Liner pipe reconstruction. A procedure commonly known as Sewer Liner restoration is the most cost-effective technological sewer pipe replacement method that allows us to restore existing conditions of a sewer drain line up to 99% of the pipe diameter. We send a camera down the sewer line to locate all cracks, root intrusion and buildup . Tony The Plumber, Corp. uses a hydrojet machine to clean the inside of the existing drain line so that the sewer epoxy liner properly binds and fortifies the pipe. We use the inside of the existing sewer pipe to feed through the new flexible sewer liner with the epoxy mixture previously applied using the inversion drum procedure. We let it cure for a period of time, then we use a sewer camera to inspect if the installation was successfully completed. All this work can be completed from access point A only when there are no other connections along the sewer drain line. Sewer liners could be used to restore sewer laterals for any building when the city authorizes it and only in counties where it is allowed. The expected manufacturer's lifetime is approximately up to 50 years.
Sewer Drain Cleanouts Installation

The sewer cleanout gives you direct access to your sewer drain line and it can be used for any rooter service when a clog occurs. It can also be used as an access point to feed a sewer camera through and inspect the conditions of the sewer drain.

Sewer Video Inspection & Line Tracing & Locator:

Video Inspection is used to determine if there are any cracks or blockages in pipes without making a big mess. Sewer video allows us to inspect the condition of any existing sewer drain which allows us to make the proper decision to either maintain or repair the sewer drain. Line tracing accurately finds the location of the sewer camera which helps us make reparations without additional damages.

Hydrojet Service

Using unique equipment that applies water pressure to clean pipes and clear them of debris is an effective way Tony The Plumber, Corp. removes any root intrusion, gunk, grease and scale build up. A hydrojet service maintenance program is available and it could be done semi-annually or annually to guarantee the full flow inside of any sewer drain lines or a one-time service when a major blockage occurs and a standard rooter machine cannot clear the obstruction.

Backflow Devices

A backflow device prevents water from running in the opposite direction it is supposed to flow. If backflow occurs it can result in your water system being contaminated. The State of California building and plumbing codes require all commercial properties the installation of a backflow device.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be caused by food, hair or other kinds of debris. This can cause a foul smell to occur. Exposure to this waste water can be harmful to your health. Tony The Plumber, Corp. offers rooter services and maintenance programs to the following drains:

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Lavatory Sink
  • Bathtub Drains
  • Shower Drains
  • Toilet Drains
  • Main Sewer Drains
Plumbing Repairs

Common household plumbing repairs are what Tony The Plumber, Corp.’s highly trained technicians are very familiar with. We repair water leaks, leaky faucets, running toilets, and faulty/leaky shower valves that waste water and often lead to high water bills and even have a bad impact on the environment.

Faucet Installation

Faucet installation for lavatory sinks, kitchen sinks, bar sinks and outdoor bbq sinks are easy and reliable when you call Tony the Plumber, Corp.

Garbage Disposal

Tony The Plumber, Corp. can install garbage disposals of any size . We carry a wide range of high-quality brands.

Dishwasher Installation

Tony The Plumber, Corp. can install dishwashers of any size or any brand.

Gas Lines

Full new installation and gas line repairs are available for home gas appliances, pool heaters, bbq gas lines, fire pits, outdoor gas heaters. All sizes of automatic gas shut off earthquake valves from 3/4 (three quarters) inches up to 4-inches are available. Tony The Plumber, Corp. also provides its customers with gas leak repairs and gas leak testing, because we care about our customer’s safety.

Water Lines & Water Softener

Having clean and potable drinking water is essential. Water filters can be installed to the whole commercial property or to specific water features such as drinking fountains, kitchen sink water dispensers, and ice machines. Whole water softeners installations are available in all brands.

Bathroom Installations and Repairs
  • Toilet Installation: Full toilet installations with a variety of brands are available, along with repairs and complete toilet tank rebuild.
  • Bathtub Installation & Refinishing: Installing standard and custom bathtubs along with jacuzzi tub replacement. Bathtubs refinishing to bring back the new look of your existing bathtub.
  • Shower Valve Installation & Repairs: Replacing and repairing all brands of shower valves
  • Bathtub Valve Installation & Repairs: Replacing and repairing all brands of bathtub valves
Slab Leak

A slab leak needs to be taken care of as soon as possible before it does more damage. This kind of leak causes your water bill to rise, having in some scenarios hot spots on your floor, cracking your foundation and water traveling under your business’ slab creating outrageous damages. Tony The Plumber, Corp. provides slab leak detection services along with slab leak repairs.

Water Pressure Regulators

A water pressure regulator is the heart of your water system. It regulates the incoming city high water pressure down to the average water pressure designated to a commercial property in the uniform plumbing code. A standard regulated water pressure may not exceed 80 psi. according to California building codes to prevent any harm on any plumbing fixture inside the building. Tony The Plumber, Corp. offers all sizes of water pressure regulators from 3/4 (three quarters) inches up to 4-inch commercial applications.

Tony The Plumber, Corp. installs, repairs and offers testing to all sizes of backflow devices from 3/4 (three quarters) inches up to 4 inch commercial applications.

The phrase above should be under BACKFLOW DEVICES not by itself.

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